Contemporary Art, Meditation & Nature

Artist Portrait

Nathalie Ishizuka, is a meditative self-taught franco-japanese artist from NY. She explores through her art meditation and the inner universe.


Nathalie enjoys creating : the path of being. Her Japanese father was a Harvard trained Japanese psychiatrist and artist; a Zen master on happiness that created a new paradigm on health. He remains vast like the sky. Her lively French mother is the real master; grounded in the Earth. Nathalie is today a meditation teacher, practitioner and artist who paints the world from the inside.


As a meditation practioner and teacher over the last ten years, Nathalie had the good fortune to meet and work closely with Japanese masters (Sumie, Shodo, Nihon Buyo) and meditation masters from all cultures.  


During and after the nuclear, tsunami and earthquake crisis in Japan in 2011, Nathalie worked daily with the Belgian philosopher, Dr. Paul Briot, on the use of crisis and the creation of a Visionary Art that Elevates. Together they sought and worked with a small number of artists in Japan who could create a moment of silence within the viewer. Their search resulted in Paul’s latest edition of his visual and musical book, Le Rayonnant: un art vers l’infini.


Today, a deep necessity to express in physical form what Dr. Paul Briot envisioned, what her meditation mentors taught and what one or two of her Japanese artist mentors achieved through a lifetime of devotion, has led Nathalie to start over: to consecrate all her time to painting in silence surrounded by nature.


Nathalie’s meditative paintings are her formidable new teachers.   Each painting teachers her a lesson about the present moment. Her past meditation teachers now ask her to share her paintings with others and forbid her to keep them all in her home GALLERY in Brussels, Belgium.


Nathalie’s work is likely to evolve, as she is attached neither to techniques, nor any school of thought nor label in art.  In practicing and teaching meditation through painting, she has chosen to abandon all techniques by her many masters to return to the simplicity of the heart.


In exposing her works, Nathalie seeks with nature to energize new spaces with the vibrations of joy, compassion, transparence, humility, health and inner peace. A beginner in all things and with no formal artistic training, Nathalie welcomes the opportunity to explore with International artists and artisans, creative chefs, innovative designers, the Belgian public, Gallery owners, Collectors, and Art visionaries a new look at art, nature and moments of greater silence for us all.

My mentors in many fields have taught me much about the human mind (and its limits), about happiness and how to create innovation across disciplines.  

By helping individuals enjoy the process of their own creation and explore inner silence, she believes she can create far more change than on her own.

Nathalie’s inter-disiplinary approach and quick mind integrating the psychology of individuals, organizations, and the nation state has lead her to work in the past with individuals from many fields including a nobel laureate in Economics and to receive the George A.Plimpton Fellowship for the study of social, economic and political institutions. Her new joy is to work in silence with artists and artistans who wish to go beyond what we have been done at our best.


Artists, Artisans, Poets, Chefs, Fashion Designers, Art Collectors, Centers of the Arts, Communes, Artistic Associations, Architects, Theatres, Ballets, Innovators, Federations, Councils of Museums, Schools of the Arts, Local, Regional, National and International Supporters of the Arts including City Halls, Ambassadors & Embassies as well as all those who enjoy a moment of silence in ART.