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Solo Exhibition Inter-Sections, Brussels, Belgium, Rouge Cloitre, Maison du Prieur January – May 2023

Energizing Spaces



ADDRESS OF EXHIBITION: Maison du Prieur, Parc du Rouge Cloitre, Roklooster 8, 1160 Auderghem

TIMES OF EXHIBITION: Hours of Maison du Prieur (Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun).  Wednesdays and Sundays Open 10.00 -20.00; Friday and Saturdays Open 10.00-23.00

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Artist Nathalie Ishizuka, Shodo Black Ink on Cardboard, 73cm x 52.5cm, for Exhibit Inter-Sections at Rouge Cloitre Maison du Prieur, Auderghem, Brussels, Belgium Jan 28 2023 – May 28 2023.

What if Everything in the Universe including numbers could be experienced in three basic forms : the square, the circle and the triangle?

Standing in front of one of the 12 paintings with the three basic forms in the universe, the public would take a few breaths and with the help of the meditator Ishizuka, experience the energy behind each form playfully.

When we do so life becomes interesting and less intimidating. We can begin by seeing a person we think we know, a place we enjoy, or even the sun itself as a shape or an interaction of shapes. Like a child we experience the energy behind the shape and listen to our intuition rather than being immediately taken by its external beauty. What vibration does this form share with me? Is it love? Compassion? Joy?

Will you choose to keep a respectful distance and fascination with form? 

Like the kanji “ma” (間) or space : choosing the right and playful distance with a person, a place, one’s work, ones loved ones, the universe and even one’s thoughts is a challenge, a constant dance with form.  When we practice with this element of distance or space in our own daily life so we too can dance with form, remain unattached, while profoundly loving ourselves and the universe.

Exhibition Events Included Private and Surprise Concert for Paintings on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, Artist Nathalie Ishizuka, Acrylic on Canvas, Japan’s Sun of Peace, 100cm x 120cm and Ayumi Nabata, Composer and Pianist, with Yuina Takamizo for Private Concert.  Music composition for Paintings.

Shorinji Kempo Martial Arts Exhibition with the Master Philippe Chazerand and Japanese Paintings

Japanese Martial Arts, and the tradition of silence that comes from these arts is found in painting and all the great arts of Japan.  We thank the beauty, strength and kindness of the Shorinji Kempo club as well as their founder Philippe Chazerand and their martial arts team members who each reflect the Japanese quiet, modestand powerful spirit of Japan through their simple way of being. 

Poetry and Painting at the Exposition Inter-Sections

The poem that inspired the paintings of the three forms in various positions comes from the philosopher and poet, Dr. Paul Briot.  Dr. Briot and Ishizuka worked for over ten years in Japan with artists. 

The original Painting of Masked Suns by Saiso Shimada published in Le Rayonnant, Un Art Vers l’Infini by Dr. Paul Briot with original shakuhachi music by Masaki Nakamura created for each painting in that book, is what inspired Ishizuka for these twelve paintings that were exhibited at the entrance of the Monestery.  In the painting that inspired Ishizuka, Shimada envisioned three forms as the actual forms of the sun.  Nathalie at the time, did not understand her painting.

It was only after meditating on a series of numbers 1-12 (the 12 numbers of the clock) that Nathalie felt the immediate need to paint the three forms in a variation of different positions.  In doing so, she felt released.

All my shodo knowledge, comes from Saiso Shimada says Ishizuka.  I did not learn shodo technique as it would have taken me several years, but rather her way of being.  My first shodo paintings for Kizuna, I did prior to meeting Shimada, but they opened my interest to this form of art.

Poem by Dr. Paul Briot, Masked Suns (Le Rayonnant, Un art Vers L’infini, editions Carecteres).

Noble suns move forward masked.

At rare intervals the veils part.

Announcing radical changes.

Time. The Intermittent revolutionary.

Ishizuka, the first painter to expose in the Maison du Prieur Rouge Cloitre (Monestery) after its renovation, interacted and meditated with visitors in a 5 month circulating show comprising the whole first floor and over over thirty paintings.

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