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Japanese Embassy Brussels Saiso Shimada Exhibit

Exhibition Invites by Nathalie Ishizuka to Present Artists that Elevates in Crisis : artists elevating after March 11, 2011 (tsunami, nuclear, earthquake). Nathalie spent three Years to Discover Saiso Shimada. Shimada’s strengths : Focus on breath, joy, energy and spirit. Organized by Michiko Nakazawa. Gratitude to Japanese sponsors for the event, including the Japanese Embassy.

Crisis, Elevation & Art Conferences

Japanese Embassy Brussels, June 23, Belgium 2017 Saiso Shimada’s Works Presented. Philosopher Dr. Paul Briot’s challenge on Creating a New Art, Collaboration with Nathalie Ishizuka. Organized by Michiko Nakazawa, Two Disciples of the master Saiso Shimada came from Japan to demonstrate. Two month exhibition followed.