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Kizuna Theatre Play Linking Us All

Painting and Theatre

The Kizuna fable will have you wondering about the links that connect us all. Who is your new family in the new adventure of life you wish to unfold? Your choices will help you live a life of creation that is meant for you.

Indeed to produce this theatre play in a small Fukushima cafe for artists as a solo dance by the Master Wakayagi Masayasu, in such a short span of time many were involved.

Many thanks to Dorothy Britton, poet, composer and artist who re-read Nathalie’s script and made comments. Dorothy, the author of The Japanese Crane: Bird of Happiness and co-author of National Parks of Japan was the one who helped Nathalie solve the enigma of the original crane drawings painted by Hokusai and introduced her to the photographer and the cranes of the North. Thanks too to the award winning poet translator Peter Macmillan, reknown for his prizewinning translation of One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each (Hyakunin Isshu), who translated the fable in less than two weeks.

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